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Your Cat Likes to ….. ?


mad catWe often think about all the animals that share our daily lives.

But do you know exactly what does your beloved of domestic cats love or hate?

Do you adjust your lifestyle to hers to give him a comfortable existence with you?

The secret of a happy cat also stands in the way his master has to deal with.

And on this side, tomcats are very different from the other favorite pet, namely the dog.

Here are some basic tips to coexist peacefully with your miniature beast!

With You ….

Your Cat Likes :

♣    Rubbing to you because it is a way for him to capture his master. Rubbing his cheeks and his body against you, it deposits the pheromones reassuring: you are a member of his tribe, his territory!

♣    Play with you. Nothing is more pleasant for the cat to find a playing partner, whether human or animal. Nothing better to build a strong bond between you and him.

♣    Knead your belly when he moved on you. No, it is not undecided about how he will settle, it simply reproduces an instinctive behavior. When he was kitten, he made this gesture to cause the flow of milk from his mother before feeding.

Your Cat hates :

♣    The noise. The cat likes to be quiet and too loud noises may frighten him. Its highly developed hearing abhors the din as the loud music or the vacuum cleaner or drill noise.

♣    Loneliness. Although independent, a cat is primarily a social animal. If lack of affection or attention, he may develop anxiety and depressed.

♣    The constraint. You will have to do it, we do not punish a cat as we do for a dog. Needless to hit him, he might continue the more the behavior you want to prohibit it.

At table…

Your Cat Likes :

♣    Eat warm. In nature, a cat uses its food to 38 degrees (body temperature of prey).

♣    Several small meals a day. Our small domestic cat also takes this mania to split his meals from his hunting instinct.

♣    Eat at night. Felines hunt mostly at night, where they can enjoy the fruits of their hunting more safe from other predators as day.

Your Cat hates :

♣    Dirty bowls. Knowing that the cat is a neat freak, we understand he does not like that his bowl is soiled. In addition, it disturbs the smells of food it is currently eating.

♣     Meals staggered. The cat is a routine animal and likes to have his meals at fixed hours. If you do not respect it, it will make you understand his way.

At home…

Your Cat Likes :

♣    Sleep again and again! It takes him an average sixteen hours of sleep interspersed with games and times for food.

♣    The hot spots. Nothing better than for him to “sweeten the pill” in the sun or lie near a warm fireplace.

♣    The soft surfaces. It is good to lie down on a cushion, pillow, cozy freshly laundered clothes or thighs of his / her owner!

Your Cat hates :

♣    The caresses “against the grain”. Our little big tomcats are sensitive and hate the feeling of such a caress. Better to pet them in the right direction, in the upper back or under the chin.

♣    Being raised by the armpits. This is a very unpleasant feeling for him, and it hurt him. The best way to raise a cat is to enter between the chest and the hindquarters.

♣    Synthetic materials. These make its electric hair. Similarly, avoid the rough surfaces such as wicker or straw.


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