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30 October 2016
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15 November 2016

wood chair design

Wooden chair design

Wooden chair designThe DIY concept is to convert the raw material into a commodity more useful, and the raw material exist in various forms in nature, including timber, iron and other, When thinking about making a chair we must also be accompanied by the idea of the raw material to be used, is it wood , or iron, or straw?  Because each type material work equipment is different from the other kind,  The easiest one and also the recommend for the beginners is wood

List of materials : 

Pieces of wood fit lengths of the chair.
4 pieces of solid wood of 5 cc to be the pillars of the chair (legs)
A Wood Saw
Iron Nails with variety of sizes
Wood’s glue
Wood’s dye
Wooden meters.
Table to work on
A Hammer

The method of work:

♣ 1 : Determine the sizes of wood to be cut out and mark it with the pencil
2 : Cut 4 pieces of wood 1-meter length (39.5 inch) thickness of 5 cm each piece to be chair legs
♣ 3 : Cut 4 other pieces of equal lengths of 50 cm and a width of 10 cm to form aspects of the chair
♣ 4 : Cut 5 pieces of wood 50 cm length and width of 5 cm to be the floor of the chair
♣ 5 : Put the chair legs on a flat surface perpendicular righteously correct.
♣ 6 : Put piece of wood at the top of these sides using nails and glue to be a subsidiary organ of the back of the chair.
♣ 7 : At the center of these legs put the sides wood pieces of the chair using nails and glue.
♣ 8 : The structure of the chair is now ready
♣ 9 : Leave the chair in this way for half an hour at least to dry glue
♣ 10 : After making sure that the legs of the chair and the sides is stable
♣ 11 : Put the smaller pieces You made earlier on seat chair using shorter nails on a regular basis so that the formation of Our flat chair
♣ 12 : For more stability put a piece of wood on the sides of the chair from the bottom so that the connecting legs more
♣ 13 : Move the paint well to make sure of the right color
♣ 14 : Using a small paint brush chair gently. Leave the chair until the paint dries

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