Why Do We Think That Cats Has 9 Lives ?

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5 December 2016
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The Last day Of Using Cat Breeds for medical training
5 December 2016

Why Do We Think That Cats Has 9 Lives ?


Cats are the most popular pets in the whole world and it has been with humans since forever.

In addition, the history is saying that the Egyptians used to worship cats before the “Islam religion” besides of that the South Africa’s Countries Primitive tribes used to consider Cats as a part of demons and an evil creatures.
We learned and heard since we were kids a myth that cats has nine lives or nine souls, which is why cats are also called “feline”.

The Origin: 

The Origin of this myth goes back to 3000 years ago and specifically in the “Old Egypt” which was by the way the first time of Handling with cats as pets.
Referring to the “Direct Matin” Magazine. The Egyptians thought that cats are Immortals because of its ability of jumping from a higher places without any harm. In addition of that, a specific cat was known in a small village survived after eight jumps from a very high places then the locals said that he has only one life left so the myth started there and transported to us via father and son also mother and daughter.

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