Why do we love cute things

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17 October 2016
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23 October 2016

Why do we love cute things


Why do we have a strong reaction to cute cats , puppies or babies  without any exception , everybody like to see and touch cute things But do you know why ?

Finaly a study Reveals the reason why we adore cute cats , dogs , puppies and kids ; The Biologist Konrad Lorenz researched the “ KINDERSCHEMA” Or child scheme , A set of traits that define what we consider CUTE :cute things

  • Big forehead

  • Large eyes

  • Rounded features

  • Large head to body ratio

  • Round body

  • Soft texture

Human nurturing instinct programs us to take care of anything that looks  baby-like , This even works for inanimate objects as far as small objects like small clothes or even bicycles , the mecanisme is too simple , When shown cute photos or videos , two parts of the brain are activatedcute things

  • Nucleus Accumbens This pleasure center releases Dopamine , the same chemical your brain releases on drugs 

  • Orbitofrontal cortex the area responsible for decision making is also activated

To keep this instinctive protection , humans have evolved to stay childlike for as long as possible which is  called  neoteny

Most animals without neoteny are self-sufficient after birth , Fish , reptiles and insects aren’t considered cute

Next time you are having  a bad day , just watch some cute animal videos for a quick Dopamine Pick-me-up



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