What You Should Know Before Buying Or Adopting a Dog

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24 September 2016
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What You Should Know Before Buying Or Adopting a Dog

buying or adopting a dog

Before buying or adopting a puppy and start learning how to train small dogs you should learn and know some of the taboos that should not fall out for.

Dogs are such a lovely creature that need love and care , and taking care of these beautiful pets is not always easy as it may seems , if you are thinking of adopting or buying one, you are in the right place : 


buying or adopting a dog

The first is not to buy a puppy without the knowledge of the properties of this puppy since childhood to old age because it may be hostile or in need of special treatments, you should read all the information on the puppy history and authenticity breed puppy

Must be calm and tranquil to teach the puppy obedience training and home rules also , Not to be stingy, because dogs love rewards and food besides of that all Dogs love meeting new people and other pets and prevent it from that leads to their transformation of aggressive one

Beware of leaving your dog for a long time it is very affecting his psyche and if you tortured him physically probably, it will make him very aggressive toward you and may lead to a significant failure of the tame and the loss of your trouble and effort vain In addition of that you should also know that a dog is considered a puppy from birth to three months up which why it demand a special treatment in this period

From day 1 to day 10 puppies rely on breast milk 

After that , the owner should care about their nutrition and their food , on this period the owner should give the puppies meat with added bread and some types of vegetables added to him, cut small pieces of meat soup ( the pieces depend on the puppies size) also you need to provide water because of permanent need for puppies and their mother, and make sure that the Container clean enough

Puppies needs our responsibility to keep it clean permanently and prevent wetting the scalp of his body with water and carry them from time to time and searched their bodies a day to make sure the integrity of both infectious diseases or insects and pathogens and always make sure those puppies eyes are clean and clear and the disposal of waste on a daily basis , it is also your duty to make sure that your Puppies should be vaccinated before they reach the age of three months

While the puppy age of two weeks, we must begin the lessons of training and the first lesson is taught how the spending needs outside the home (poop outside) and this is the beginning of taking him a tour out of the house after each meal and repeating  operation for two weeks and this proves in the dog’s brain that he had to relieve himself outside the house after every meal food

The second lesson taught how to play without damaging the furniture and home’s collectibles, when puppies arrive for the lifetime of the month, and two months tend bitten weird stuff , and the best solution is making a toy game for the puppy to be bitten and not easily damaged

The third lesson is teaching her to sit down and be tough at the beginning where you should not teach dogs more than one trick at the same time to not dispersed It is better to invent a language between.

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