What Smells Do Cats Hate ?

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27 October 2016
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What Smells Do Cats Hate ?

What Smells Do Cats Hate

What Smells Do Cats HateAs a cat owner or as people say « cat’s human » I really love the fact that my cat is always playing and running from here to there. Also scratching anything and everything, however cats usually play by hunting something as far as grabbing your feet why you are walking or even scratch it, which is very normal because the cats are a hunter by nature.

In addition, scratching the sofa and your clothes or anything to show that he is the owner of that territory, trying to get in higher places to be safe (for him) and sometimes things go wrong and things breaks. So how can we change all this unwanted behavior?

The first thought that could come to your mind is using yelling or even hitting your cat, but believe me! It is not the right solution, it is pointless and mean to hit or yell on your little love.

The Solution is to change your cat’s unwanted behavior is by using the theory known as “Environment punishment” which is really simple and easy; just let his environment change his habitudes,

For example if you do not want him to get on the table, make him hate the table; if you do not want him to jump on your feet, make him hate your feet , but how can you make him hate something ?

Making your cat hate something is by adding to it something he already hates, as far as smells, sounds, tastes that he already hates, I guess you have no idea about what taste , smell or sound your cat’s hate, cheer up there is a list of what your cat’s hate :

  • Smells : citronella, perfumes, solid air fresheners, citrus, aloe, eucalyptus oil, and oil of wintergreen are all aversive smells to cats , so put a pieces of clothes is one of this substances and place it where you don’t want you cat to touch
  • Tastes : citrus products because of its acidity, pepper and bitter apple
  • Sound : cats can hear a big domain of frequency between 40 Hz to 60 KHz on the other hand humans can only hear a limited frequencies’ domain between20 Hz and 20 KHz as a consequence the hated sound for cats are : ring a bell , blow a whistle , shake a penny can , make no introduction just start the annoying sound from nowhere ( this is the last choice especially if you have a sensitive cat)

now you know exactly what smells , tastes and sounds hated by cats you are able to change your cat’s unwanted behavior smartly without even getting mad at your flully friend.

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  1. Lyn Richardson says:

    Thank you so much for your good advice. My kitties hate my perfume!They can smellmy doggie on me, also don’t like that smell!

  2. DHP says:

    it’s Our Pleasure LYN

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