They told you why you should absolutely NOT adopt a Yorkie!

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12 October 2016
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16 October 2016

They told you why you should absolutely NOT adopt a Yorkie!


Do not ruin your life with these mini dogs!

After Rottweilers, huskies, German shepherds … Here turn burrows yorkshires reveal their true muzzle. They look cute and all cabbage and yet you will be disappointed. Here are some reasons that will make you change your mind!


1.. they do not listen to a word of what is said
2 . As for the game, they do not like it at all
3 . For the safety of your children, do not let them approach them
4 . They are hyperactive and it is tiresome
5.  They do not agree with cats
6. And it’s not as if they were cute …
7 . They are not funny either, but then not at all


8 . They often bite people and other animals
9.. They are too timid to play in the snow
 10As they get older, they are evil!
 11So let those little monsters where they are or you will regret it!

You’ll understand in reality they are small, very cute and adorable dogs! Here is more information on them in case you want to adopt:

His physic

The Yorkshire Terrier is a sturdy little dog with the right body (15 to 25 cm for 3kg). His head is proportionate to his body, the muzzle is harmonious with the head. It has round eyes and brown glow, and not too far apart. It has small ears triangle and covered with short hairs. Its tail is erect above its back. His hair is rather long on the body, smooth and shiny, giving the impression that they have hair. They are thin and soft. As for their color, they are steel blue on the back and bright brown, beige on the rest of the body.

A little bit of  history…

The Yorkshire terrier appeared in 19th century England Yorkshire County where it got its name. Workers to hunt vermin used it. They could travel easily with their masters that carried in bags.

His character

This little dog is not a toy and is not suitable for children too abrupt. Being smart and clever, we can teach him tricks. He is also a player, affectionate and loves to exercise, so it should not stay all the time in the arms. Despite its small size, it is a good mouser and rats. It also makes an effective alarm against burglars with barking shrill.


Because of its small size, it is more vulnerable to shocks. He lives on average 14 years.

Living conditions

It is ideal for an apartment but if you go out in the garden, you have to tie her hair so it does not get dirty. To avoid this, simply cut his hair quite short. His hair is rather fragile, it then must make their regular care



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