The Most Beautiful Cat in The World

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16 October 2016
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18 October 2016

The Most Beautiful Cat in The World


very-beautiful-cat-3-photoCats are simply for a lot of people the most beautiful and classiest pets, but have you ever asked yourself how does the most beautiful cat in the world look like? well today is your lucky day .

The cat’s name is Betsy,  white like snow, pointy nose, and especially very wonderful eyes as if she’s putting make up , Betsy is simply gorgeous, with her,  stunning coat and intense eyes , The owner “Sandra Rowling” born in the U.S said that she had “Betsy” as a gift of her 23th birthday.

She also said that it was a love from the first eye contact; Betsy is a very energetic cat cannot stop playing all the day

her eyes look like a lady’s eyes Big and round in addition of her little black pointy nose gave her an extremely unique look which make her with no question about the throne of “ The Most Beautiful cat in the world” with no doubt

and lately she became the King of the internet  , you’ll find her in every cats page on facebook , every pet’s or cat’s website and clearly no body is complaining about it , we are very happy to see this cutie everywhere.


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