The Last day Of Using Cat Breeds for medical training

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5 December 2016
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9 December 2016

The Last day Of Using Cat Breeds for medical training

Cat breeds

The hard work and protesting done by animal’s right movements and groups is finally gives us today a result, WU (Washington University) puts an end to using cat breeds for the training of the new doctors.
This medical school was the last one known of using animals for training in the US , according to American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS).

“As a result of a serious investment and a trusty observation, the WU will supply neonatal intubation training using only medical mannequins instead of animals”

according to a statement released last week by school.
The W.U also reclaimed the “quantities” of cat breeds they used to use for medical training was over 2000 cats which is a very big number, activists and animals right movement expressed how grateful they were because of this decision.
In addition, of that, the (AAVS) said in the same statement that they would provide all the Cats for adoption but only after finishing some legal instructions.

We “The DHP” group are so happy of this decision and we salute those students and those brave activists who did all what they could to make an end for using cat breeds for medical training.
On the other hand, we hope that we will be able soon to make an end to some old Chinese tradition that include eating small dogs, I’m sure that there’s less than 2% of the population of the world who agreed with such an activity.
but the other 98% are all against these acts and together we will stop these weird cruel acts.

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