Smart Ideas to DIY Sliding doors

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18 October 2016
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Smart Ideas to DIY Sliding doors

slide door

The sliding door, an ingenious door and tend to organize its interior and save space! Discover how you can make a full sliding door deco assets that does not lack style.

The sliding door is our best ally to give the appearance of a space and save space in a room! Avoiding us to buy a conventional door, like the removable partition to separate a space into two, it saves us in many ways in the design of our interior: sliding glass door to gain brightness, made with planks Recycling or sliding door wardrobes in industrial style, ideas abound to insert in your home ultra-stylish sliding door! Cool deco tricks you will get for a sliding door easily,

So enjoy !

Sliding doors in an industrial kitchen

slide doorTired of closets or conventional and monotonous shelves in your kitchen? Here is what you need to boost its decor!

Trendy, shelves above the work plan of the kitchen close with sliding doors based on a system of glass panels. Semitransparent doors mounted on the rails of a metal frame securely attached to the ceiling.

A very good idea to offer an industrial kitchen without any hustle in the kitchen!

Duo wooden sliding doors in the bedroom and  A sliding door saves space in the bathroom

slide door 2

Wood, double sliding door to the bathroom gives a real charm to this master bedroom! Made with planks assembled in the style of delivery and mounted gates on a rail in black iron, this beautiful sliding door saves considerable space in the room
simple , very easy to make but very useful

Using an old door Recycling you will paint it with a color of your choice, give a facelift and space in your small bathroom in the landscaping with a sliding door! Mounted on a rail long enough to slide the door on the two walls, your door Recycling will be the star of the bathroom. A tip space saving that will ask very little tinkering.


A sliding door made of planks of Recycling

sliding doorThat sliding door will turn you for sure! Recycling made of wooden planks attached to each other thanks to two metal strips, this sliding door mounted on a long rail becomes a strong decorative element of this fair country house atmosphere. Decorated with a floral crown and a handle,  the sliding door does not lack space and replaced with a standard classroom door
a very stylish sliding door , decorating , you are free to choose the color if didn’t like the wood style or you prefer another one .
On the same style inside a glass roof, this sliding glass door mounted on an iron frame made by a blacksmith, lets bring back the brightness in the room while separating the bathroom from the bedroom. A modern furnishings and decoration for a lovely suite at will


A modern sliding door with a large window

sliding door 2In this house architect, the sliding door fits perfectly between the kitchen and the living room! Made with battens and plywood sheets on the principle of an ordinary door and completely painted black, the fifty hundred square centimeter window opens wide space and a 100% use of light provided by the ceiling of the kitchen windows.


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