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1 December 2016
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5 December 2016

Pet beds

pet beds

Make awesome pet beds for your lovely pets, the already made pet beds are usually for sales with higher prices or even in a higher prices than our beds , In addition of that, we can clearly see that the designer dog beds doesn’t always match with the one we are looking for, which why the best solution is to make a new pet bed,
How about making a unique dog beds without spending a dollar.


First of all you will need a Wine barrel or any big size barrel, also, you are going a wood saw.
take the barrel and cut it into two equal pieces (from the middle) slowly and softly to avoid the rough parts which can be scratchy for your doggy.
Now it’s time to make a entryway in that pet bed for your doggy , using the same saw softly and slowly cut an arc shape from it which will be the entryway as you can see clearly on the picture below.

pet bedsTo make your cat or dog’s bed look more beautiful and classy , paint it with your favourite color we recommend the use of green or bleu colors or the dark wood color, as you may know those are dog’s favourite’s colors

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