9 October 2016

5 Fabulous Objects For Your Cat

If you have a cat, it is surely the king of the house, you love him and you do all what you can to make him happy. You probably already know that he loves to climb, sleep, play and sharpen its claws with everything in its path. To fill it, you can buy many things in specialty stores, large toy box, gym equipment and ideals beds for your cute cat. But prices remain generally very high and few people can […]
4 October 2016
buying or adopting a dog

What You Should Know Before Buying Or Adopting a Dog

Before buying or adopting a puppy and start learning how to train small dogs you should learn and know some of the taboos that should not fall out for. Dogs are such a lovely creature that need love and care , and taking care of these beautiful pets is not always easy as it may seems , if you are thinking of adopting or buying one, you are in the right place :  Enjoy The first is not to buy […]
24 September 2016

8 Strange facts about cats

If You have a cat you definitely know what this artical is about , cats often do the weirdest actions ever , we represent to you 8 strange facts about cats from all over the world : Enjoy : #1 : Some cats survived after falling on the asphalt of about 32 storeys (320 meters), thanks to its flexible movement #2 : In the sixties CIA spent one million ($ 1,000,000) dollars to train cats to spy on the Soviets, the first ever spy […]
24 September 2016

Informations about cats’ behavior and dealings with humans

  Cats are simply the Cutest pets to a lot of people for many reason as far as their seize , eyes , voice etc… , but sometimes their actions has a lot meaning , and the owner should know those gesture to undestand what these cutest pets are trying to say. Enjoy reading these 5 action’s meaning : #1 : When cats bring to their owners’ dead mice or birds, they teach them how to reverse the role of fishing and […]
23 September 2016

10 Information About Cat’s Body

  If you are reading this , there is 50% chance that you are a Cat person, However you may not know these 10 amazing informations about cat’s Body. Enjoy :  #1 : Cats Owns 32 muscle to control the external ear, while the humans owns only 6 muscles. #2 : Cats can’t taste the sweet taste #3 : Cats has three eyelids #4 : Cats possess more than 100 voice sounds, while dogs only own 10. #5 : The adult […]
3 September 2016
Dogs Or Cats

Dogs Or Cats Or Both ?

The Reason Why You Prefer Dogs Or Cats Or Both Have ever asked yourself why you are a cat person maybe ? a dog person ? Or both ?  It is abvious that some people love cats more than dogs, other do the opposite , cheer up , it’s very normal and here why : the study showed that dogs lovers are usually more active, and they have a tendency to follow the rules and laws, while cat’s lovers are […]