18 October 2016

Why do we love cute things

Why do we have a strong reaction to cute cats , puppies or babies  without any exception , everybody like to see and touch cute things But do you know why ? Finaly a study Reveals the reason why we adore cute cats , dogs , puppies and kids ; The Biologist Konrad Lorenz researched the “ KINDERSCHEMA” Or child scheme , A set of traits that define what we consider CUTE : Big forehead Large eyes Rounded features Large head to […]
17 October 2016

The Most Beautiful Cat in The World

Cats are simply for a lot of people the most beautiful and classiest pets, but have you ever asked yourself how does the most beautiful cat in the world look like? well today is your lucky day . The cat’s name is Betsy,  white like snow, pointy nose, and especially very wonderful eyes as if she’s putting make up , Betsy is simply gorgeous, with her,  stunning coat and intense eyes , The owner “Sandra Rowling” born in the U.S […]
16 October 2016

100% Natural Home-made products

A lot of people prefer the 100% natural products than buying products from stores , But, we can see clearly that the 100% products are more expensive than the normal ones , happily there is some ticks to make those products even free also easy and homemade After our tips to make your natural mosquito repellent, here are some tips to make your own household products in a 100% natural! To eradicate the negative effects of our household products, considerable […]
13 October 2016

They told you why you should absolutely NOT adopt a Yorkie!

Do not ruin your life with these mini dogs! After Rottweilers, huskies, German shepherds … Here turn burrows yorkshires reveal their true muzzle. They look cute and all cabbage and yet you will be disappointed. Here are some reasons that will make you change your mind! 1.. they do not listen to a word of what is said 2 . As for the game, they do not like it at all 3 . For the safety of your children, do […]
12 October 2016

Your Cat Likes to ….. ?

We often think about all the animals that share our daily lives. But do you know exactly what does your beloved of domestic cats love or hate? Do you adjust your lifestyle to hers to give him a comfortable existence with you? The secret of a happy cat also stands in the way his master has to deal with. And on this side, tomcats are very different from the other favorite pet, namely the dog. Here are some basic tips […]
11 October 2016

How to make a lantern with lemongrass

A lantern with citronella, the good thing to join the business with pleasure in the garden! Both natural mosquito repellent and friendly outdoor lighting, treat yourself well by making yourself lanterns mild lemon fragrance. Make the mild summer evenings in the garden with lanterns placed on the garden table, deck, or hanging in the trees. The lighting torch oil provides a cozy ambient light and if the oil is fragrant with lemongrass it feels lantern appreciable anti-mosquito. Inexpensive, here are […]