15 November 2016

From an Old Sweater To an Amazing basket for your Doggie

turn an old sweater into a “homemade” basket for your doggie. To do this, you will need: A sweater: Old and soft at the same time. Preferably, your sweater if you are the owner, so that the odor be familiar to your dog, and secondly not to go to war with his spouse who holds much to his old sweater knitted by Granny. A small cushion that will serve to cushion the bottom of the basket. Cotton wool, which will […]
6 November 2016
Wooden chair design

wood chair design

The DIY concept is to convert the raw material into a commodity more useful, and the raw material exist in various forms in nature, including timber, iron and other, When thinking about making a chair we must also be accompanied by the idea of the raw material to be used, is it wood , or iron, or straw?  Because each type material work equipment is different from the other kind,  The easiest one and also the recommend for the beginners […]
30 October 2016
What Smells Do Cats Hate

What Smells Do Cats Hate ?

As a cat owner or as people say « cat’s human » I really love the fact that my cat is always playing and running from here to there. Also scratching anything and everything, however cats usually play by hunting something as far as grabbing your feet why you are walking or even scratch it, which is very normal because the cats are a hunter by nature. In addition, scratching the sofa and your clothes or anything to show that he is […]
27 October 2016
Natural Dog Food

Natural Dog Food 100% Homemade

Tired of feeding your dog the same meal repeatedly? Dog is a man’s best friend, Dogs are very faithful to its owner, and will definitely do whatever it takes to protect and accompany him while he is out from being hurt. In turn, we must be faithful to our dogs and take care of him and his health very well,   Which why we need to take care of his food and drink. Contrary to what is believed as far […]
26 October 2016
dog grooming

Dog grooming step by step

Each grooming should be done in quiet and enough time to build confidence so that your pet grooming her experience is a fun and relaxing time. At the beginning of grooming, give your pet a bath to get her a cleaning while relaxing! Start with a claw cut is often offensive to your pet while a bathroom provides wellbeing and calm at once. It is in this light that you need to make sure that your pet feels confident at […]
23 October 2016
slide door

Smart Ideas to DIY Sliding doors

The sliding door, an ingenious door and tend to organize its interior and save space! Discover how you can make a full sliding door deco assets that does not lack style. The sliding door is our best ally to give the appearance of a space and save space in a room! Avoiding us to buy a conventional door, like the removable partition to separate a space into two, it saves us in many ways in the design of our interior: […]