Natural Dog Food 100% Homemade

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26 October 2016
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Natural Dog Food 100% Homemade

Natural Dog Food

Tired of feeding your dog the same meal repeatedly?

Natural Dog FoodDog is a man’s best friend, Dogs are very faithful to its owner, and will definitely do whatever it takes to protect and accompany him while he is out from being hurt. In turn, we must be faithful to our dogs and take care of him and his health very well,  

Which why we need to take care of his food and drink. Contrary to what is believed as far as dogs cannot eat the same food as human, because it does not have the same physical system of humankind and his digestive system is very different from the human digestive tract as there are certain foods cannot be digested by its system also some of which is toxic for him.

The types of food that can be eaten by a dog is meat however your dog can’t eat meat always, it also needs other types of food to grow well and to be in a good health, . You can feed him green peas its a good source of protein and your dog needs it so its body can perform vital functions which is necessary to build muscle.  as you can feed the dog, sweet potatoes and chicken as well, but you should cook chicken meat nicely so that the dog does not catch the worm, and so that he does not become fierce as a result of eating raw meat or chicken and it must be skinless and without bone.

You can also feed your dog boiled eggs as well as you can feed him a small amount of apple slices, but beware of giving him the seeds they are very toxic to dogs. For peanuts and peanut butter you can also give it to your dog in a very small quantity, you can also feed him some milk in small quantities also in order to receive calcium and too small quantities of salmon fish every now and then

What to avoid

Pay attention to some food that you should not give it to your dog no matter what was the situation because it may hurt him or poisoned them as well, as far as garlic and onions because they contain some toxic and harmful substances for them cannot be digestive by its system to get rid of them

  •  Avoid grapes and even dried one of it because it is toxic to dogs and avoid all kind of chocolate, especially the white ones, cocoa and any kind of beverages containing caffeine, such as tea and coffee This may lead to exposing the dog to a heart attack
  • Avoid sugar in all its forms, whether industrial or even natural, as well as alcohol and soft drinks these lead to the failure of the dog members
  • Avoid fish, liver because they contain vitamins, vitamins and especially the ones that is useful for humankind is considered harmful and toxic to the dog

Moreover, stay away from the mushrooms, salt and raw eggs. As well as cat’s food, tomatoes peel potatoes, peel, apricots, peaches, milk and seeds are generally food.

And for the bones it may injure the gastrointestinal tract and its mouth Therefore Give him a big bone to play with it and not eat it.

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