Informations about cats’ behavior and dealings with humans

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23 September 2016
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24 September 2016

Informations about cats’ behavior and dealings with humans



Cats are simply the Cutest pets to a lot of people for many reason as far as their seize , eyes , voice etc… , but sometimes their actions has a lot meaning , and the owner should know those gesture to undestand what these cutest pets are trying to say.

Enjoy reading these 5 action’s meaning :

#1 : When cats bring to their owners’ dead mice or birds, they teach them how to reverse the role of fishing and catching birds, so that the owner know what to feed the cats later in turn.

#2 : When the cat touch you with it head it means your cats loves you and feel safe with you. (congratulations)

#3 : If you have an older cat that keep Meowing, it may have cats Alzheimer’s

#4 : adult cats don’t meaon to communicate among them, but usually meowing to communicate with humans

#5 : Did you know that according to the study, cats recognize their owner’s voice and ignore it.

If You know an other action’s meaning please feel free to share it with us in the comments


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