How to make a lantern with lemongrass

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9 October 2016
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How to make a lantern with lemongrass



A lantern with citronella, the good thing to join the business with pleasure in the garden! Both natural mosquito repellent and friendly outdoor lighting, treat yourself well by making yourself lanterns mild lemon fragrance.

Make the mild summer evenings in the garden with lanterns placed on the garden table, deck, or hanging in the trees. The lighting torch oil provides a cozy ambient light and if the oil is fragrant with lemongrass it feels lantern appreciable anti-mosquito. Inexpensive, here are the steps to make your own lanterns with glass jars

How to make a lantern with lemongrass?


To achieve these lanterns, start collecting glass jars with lids screwed, pot style jam, one or two meters of drill bits for oil lamp (to be defined by the number of lamps to be manufactured) copper reduction sleeves and a bottle of oil citronella lamp or garden torches.

Start by making a hole in the center of the lid of a glass jar for inserting a sleeve plug type copper plumbing you find the plumbing department.

Then move the wick for oil lamp in the copper sleeve.

Fill 3/4 of the jar lantern with oil lamps or torches garden perfumed with lemongrass and place the wick. Leave the wick to soak oil before lighting the lantern


And that’s a lantern on loan lemongrass to illuminate the garden or balcony with a beautiful glow while protecting yourself from mosquitoes.

One can also arrange the lantern otherwise by suspending in the branches of a tree or beam of the terrace. To do this, surround the lantern at the cover of a middle section of wire tied to each side using needle nose pliers. Then attach another wire in the past two nodes to form a loop which will be used to suspend.

♥   Warning: The wire may be hot if the lantern is on.

It only remains to find a nice place in the garden to suspend these beautiful lanterns lemongrass.


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