From an Old Sweater To an Amazing basket for your Doggie

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6 November 2016
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29 November 2016

From an Old Sweater To an Amazing basket for your Doggie


turn an old sweater into a “homemade” basket for your doggie.

basket-for-dogTo do this, you will need:
A sweater: Old and soft at the same time. Preferably, your sweater if you are the owner, so that the odor be familiar to your dog, and secondly not to go to war with his spouse who holds much to his old sweater knitted by Granny.
A small cushion that will serve to cushion the bottom of the basket.
Cotton wool, which will serve to stuff the contours of the basket.
Sewing kit: threads, needles, scissors
Cushion basketbasket-for-doggie

Prepare material and patience. This little sewing job should take you between 10 and 30 minutes.
After sewing the neck of the sweater, stuff the torso of the sweater with a cushion (which will be the bottom of the basket), and sleeves with cotton wool.
Sew the sleeves between them to form a pudding, and sew the whole to the cushion and the sweater.
Mission accomplished. A first nap is needed to validate the quality of the new basket.



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