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23 September 2016

Dogs Or Cats Or Both ?

Dogs Or Cats

The Reason Why You Prefer Dogs Or Cats Or Both

Dogs Or Cats

Have ever asked yourself why you are a cat person maybe ? a dog person ? Or both ? 

It is abvious that some people love cats more than dogs, other do the opposite , cheer up , it’s very normal and here why :

the study showed that dogs lovers are usually more active, and they have a tendency to follow the rules and laws, while cat’s lovers are more open, but they have more sense and a tendency to introversion compared dog’s lovers.

The study found that cat’s lovers have more intelligently compared with dog’s lovers.

the supervisor of the study and professor of psychology at Carroll University USA Dennis Jostlo, said that “personal differences due to the different environment favoured by cat’s owners compared to the owners of the dogs,” he said, adding that “the dog lovers have a greater sense of vigour and vitality, as they have to take their dogs for a walk Daily.”

Jostlo explained that the shy and retiring people prefer to stay at home, especially because they do not have to take their cats stroll like dogs.”

The study involved 600 students, to answer questions of the type: “Whichever they prefer more dogs or cats,” and “What are the qualities favoured by those in these pets,” as well as other questions linked to the personalities of the participants in the study.

And 60% per cent of participants in the study said that dogs are their favourite, while 11 per cent choose the cats. and the rest of the participants choose both cats and dogs.

Also the dog’s lovers said that what makes them prefer dogs is their solid relationship that they have with dogs , otherwise cats lovers said that they like to care of their cats and the reason why they like cats as pets is that it looks adorable and its spontaneous actions.


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