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Dog grooming step by step

dog grooming

dog groomingEach grooming should be done in quiet and enough time to build confidence so that your pet grooming her experience is a fun and relaxing time. At the beginning of grooming, give your pet a bath to get her a cleaning while relaxing! Start with a claw cut is often offensive to your pet while a bathroom provides wellbeing and calm at once. It is in this light that you need to make sure that your pet feels confident at all times and appreciate his grooming.

What you need to be sure of is that grooming keeps your dog healthy, and smooth , many people choose to take their pets to a professional grooming salon , However , if you want to save some Dollars or you can’t find a grooming salon in your area , it is a necessity to do it yourself at home

The materials list:dog grooming tools

  1.  Brushes and combs
  2. Dematting tools
  3. deshedding tools
  4. stripping tools
  5. Nail care tools

dog groomingStart by combing your dog’s coat, the brush will easily pass over its coat but at angles that a comb will be stuck on. This is the first step of any grooming is kind if it is a cat’s one or a dog’s one because any mats will become softer once they dry. Start with the head and move down the body. Be careful in the belly area, because of its high sensitivity, Remember to comb the tail. While you are combing,

You lovely dog need to stay calm while the whole process so if he is already stable and calm reward him by touching his neck and petting him

If he does not want to stay stable, it is not a big deal, give him break, play with him for a while then go back to grooming

Use the scissor the cut the faces unwanted hair slowly; meanwhile keep talking to him using his favorite’s words (you only know those words) as far as good boy, my baby …

After that start cleaning the sensitive area, start with his eyes using a piece of soft cloth , then the ears , it is very normal that you find some wax in there , take it out easily after that brush the dog’s teeth ,

The next step is a very relaxing hot bath, using a nice dog shampoo meanwhile give him a healthy massage by moving your hands slowly and smoothly

The last step is the wiping using a very soft towel don’t forget between legs area it is very Important to make sure that your little dog is clean .

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