Breeds of Cats Selling Business

Cat breeds
The Last day Of Using Cat Breeds for medical training
5 December 2016

Breeds of Cats Selling Business

Breeds of Cats

When we go to a Pet’s Store, we find there the cutest Breeds of Cats and dogs also puppies , sometimes we fall in love with those gorgeous creatures then we could even buy one of them ,
But Have you ever ask yourself where do they bring those animals from ?

The Sad Truth.

Behind those doors, those Breeds of Cats and dogs become just products that they should sell to customers to make money which mean that it is just a business nothing more, nothing less.
Therefore, as any businessperson, they look for a way to “Make more money without spending much” and the answer is:

  1. Reduce the space occupied by each pet.

They start by putting cats in a small uncomfortable cages made of poor material, sometimes male and female together to provide more cats, In addition of that, they putt the 10 or even 15 kitties in one small cage and as a results of which the kitties can’t play at all.

  1. Removal of kittens and puppies from her mother as soon as possible and before the termination of the period of lactation because of the turnout of people buy small animals.

Which mean that the mother cat or the mother dog will give birth again, an early separation before ending the lactation can leads to a several problems, as far as, weakness, not being able to resist the disease, behavioral problems ….

  1. Reduce labour hands.

Reducing the number of workers mean less cares for cats and dogs which will lead to dirty cages ,and dirty environment, In a perfect situation, the cages must be cleaned up every day, unfortunately it’s not always the case.

  1. Not providing enough food, water.

Cats and Dogs needs to be healthy and it is only possible by eating healthy food with enough quantities, unfortunately, for the businessperson, it is a big lost.

  1. No medical care.

After the Mating between cats, it is the owner’s duty to do the necessary tests to protect the mother cat and her kitties from getting a disease, which transports easily from the mother to its babies, unfortunately, when it comes to cats shop, those test can’t be done  for them, it’s just a waste of money.

Cat’s diseases:
HIV the private sector (HIV / AIDS) FIV
Leukemia (Blood cancer) FeLV
Respiratory infections FVR

P.S: the cat annual vaccine provides the protection from the diseases mentioned earlier. In addition, these diseases do not infect humans

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