A Happy Cat’s Rescue Story : Henry
29 November 2016
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Pet beds
5 December 2016

A Happy Cat’s Rescue Story : Jasmine


Now for Jasmine, she came to us from a very disruptive home environment we believe her to be about 7-8 years old. There was a large amount of domestic abuse which apparently carried over to Jasmine and her canine sister Roxy.  We are asked to take them as the situation climaxed and the split of the couple was about to leave these two either homeless or in a kennel.  They are now part of our family and will stay that way til the both pass over the rainbow bridge.

Both were familiar with other dogs they encountered in dog parts etc, but I do not believe either were prepared for our fur fest that greeted them when they arrived at our home.  We already had 3 dogs and Henry, adding to the mix didn’t seem like that big of an issue. Roxy held her own quite well, skittish at first but it was apparent that her small frame was not to be messed with.

Jasmine took refuge in our laundry room high up away from the mayhem. She was such a beautiful cat, with her one green eye and one blue eye. She was wary of man and beast, which led us to believe that her abuse was often.  We prepared a living quarters for her in the spot she felt comfortable, food, water and a warm bed were all at a height she was comfortable in. Her litter was the only thing on the floor but it was away from the masses.  We left her for a few days to adjust to the new environment,  we would go down every morning with the morning treats, for the first couple of days she would wait for us to leave, but then she started to meet us half way.

By the end of the second week she would be waiting and would allow us to stroke her and pick her up to cuddle.  Within the month we could bring her upstairs and she would sit on the counter as I worked in the kitchen or she would sit in the window. She was an outdoor cat as well, so she had a secret exit to the outdoors to come and go as she pleased without being bothered.

We have had her now for 2 months +, she comes to sit with us occasionally as long as we keep the other animals away and do not move too quickly; Henry has not taken to her at all so they avoid each other.  Her trust is slowly coming back, she is so affectionate when she is not terrified it is heartbreaking that we cannot just take her in our arms and hold her and make all the pain go away.   In time.. for now I just go down to the laundry room and stare at her eyes and hope we are doing all we can to make her happy and that one day she will actually purr again. She deserves so much .

Wrotten By The Cat’s Owner and Saver : Barbarra Hermann
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