A Happy Cat’s Rescue Story : Henry

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15 November 2016
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1 December 2016

A Happy Cat’s Rescue Story : Henry


HenryWe have had several cats over the years presently we have two, Henry and Jasmine. Henry is a wonder cat; he has used his nine lives well. When Henry was just a couple of weeks old, he was tossed out of a car window with two of his siblings into a ditch across from my brother’s home. His dog Ben was privy to the incident and went into protector of all evil mode and dragged my brother to the scene of the crime. Unfortunately he did not get there in time to safe them all, Henry seemed to have crawl out of the water to the side bank.  As my brother and his wife already had 3 cats, they were not sure if they could deal with another one, so they called my husband and asked if we would be willing to take him on; my husband did not hesitate, drove the two and a half hours to bring him home. We named him Henry because well, he looks like a Henry his orange stripped coat was unmistakably noticeable   #Life number 1

About 6 months in to having him he thought he could fly and jumped at a butterfly, unfortunately we lived in a 3rd floor apartment and he ended up flying right over the balcony falling 30 feet… he was shaken but not deterred.  #Life number 2

We had relocated to a house several months later Henry loved the outdoors and we were not about to try to restrain this free spirit in a house.  However, one day he was overly excited about seeing a car pull into the driveway and headed to meet them, not realizing the cat was running towards them, they accidently hit him with their car. Again, taken back a little; limping a lot; but by no means ready to be hospitalized.  #Life number 3

We had a dog at this time also, who all be it not Henry’s best friend they played and got along quite well. One day someone on their cell phone while driving veered off the road a bit and ended the life of our canine family member.  To our amazement the effect on Henry was also devastating, he ran away from home and was gone for over a week, as it was the middle of a harsh winter, we feared we had lost him also. Low and behold he crawled back one day, frost bitten ears, hardly any weight and almost hairless. #Life number 4.

As time when by he seemed to be losing his lust for life and we thought we would lose him in the end either way. But as life would have it, we ended up with another rescued dog who took to Henry immediately and within days Henry was full of life again and within weeks he was full of fur again. No ears but just as happy as could be.  Shortly thereafter we ended up fostering two more puppies, or as Henry thought of them, play toys.  There was life in the house like never before and we were ecstatic.

henryWithin the years that followed, Henry has been in fights with other cats, wild animals and whatever upset him at the moment, he has come home on several occasions almost lifeless and on his own accord has taken himself from deaths door to serve and protect us from mice, snakes and any other no welcome vermin. He is now 14 years old and his past is catching up to him, he is frail, only goes out to sit on the deck in the sun and never wonders more than 10 feet from the door. We estimate he has gone thru at least 9-10 lives and is just now settling down to be a cuddly bundle of joy. When is final days come I am not sure how we will be able to handle it, he has been such an intricate part of our lives. Our lives have been full because of him and we will be vastly empty without him. Until then, he is the king of our pride and our love for him will never diminish.


Wrotten By The Cats Owner : Barbarra Hermann
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