8 Strange facts about cats

Informations about cats’ behavior and dealings with humans
24 September 2016
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4 October 2016

8 Strange facts about cats



If You have a cat you definitely know what this artical is about , cats often do the weirdest actions ever , we represent to you 8 strange facts about cats from all over the world :

Enjoy :

#1 : Some cats survived after falling on the asphalt of about 32 storeys (320 meters), thanks to its flexible movement

#2 : In the sixties CIA spent one million ($ 1,000,000) dollars to train cats to spy on the Soviets, the first ever spy from this group run over by a taxi

#3 : In Italy, thirteen (13) million dollars has been inherited by a cat from owner

#4 : There in Korea and Japan cat’s cafe, where you can go to drink coffee and then go out to hang around for hours with cats

#5 : In Japan, black cats are considered good luck getter

#6 : The kingdom of Ireland ship has a cat named (Amy), which did not miss any trip until the 28 of May 1914 (28 / May / 1914) when it refused to ride the ship, where the ship left without them and sank the following day

#7 : Take off the claws of cats is legal in most states of America, but it’s illegal in the European Union

#8 : Cat (Sam) known to the Germans as (Oscar) served in three warships, one of them a German and two British, all of them drowned, while the cat survived each time afloat on wooden planks.

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