5 Fabulous Objects For Your Cat

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5 Fabulous Objects For Your Cat


If you have a cat, it is surely the king of the house, you love him and you do all what you can to make him happy. You probably already know that he loves to climb, sleep, play and sharpen its claws with everything in its path. To fill it, you can buy many things in specialty stores, large toy box, gym equipment and ideals beds for your cute cat. But prices remain generally very high and few people can afford the luxury of buying these so sophisticated accessories.

At diyhompets.com, we want your cat to be as happy as possible, and save money at the same time. We will teach you to make with your own hands, five fabulous objects that you and your cat will love it and enjoy it from the first second

Old shirt for the cat = fun

car tentHere is a beautiful bed / tent you can do for your cat. You’ll just need an old T-shirt (round neck in preferred), metal hangers, pliers, scissors and cardboard board
Once you have the necessary equipment, follow these instructions :

  • Cut with pliers the “hooks” of the two hangers
  • Transforms hangers bows
  • With the cutter, slightly opens the corners of your board and cardboard hangers passes through the slits leaving the flat part of the arc under the board
  • Covers the cardboard and metal structure with your old T-shirt, leaving the neck in input mode in the front part, and attaching the remaining tissue in the back part (to do better, you can sew the part back instead of the tie). You can put a little blanket inside the igloo to make more welcoming
  • Now your cat has a new igloo where he can come for nap and take refuge to meditate

Plastic box + food + a few bullets = an interactive toy

cat-toyWith this toy, your cat will spend hours trying to hunt and eat. It is very easy to do. You’ll need an old plastic box with a lid, a pair of ping pong balls or old toys your cat some food or cat biscuits, felt and scissors.

Once you have this equipment, does the following:

  • Shape with the two felt or three circles on the lid of the box
  • Cutting these circles. Be careful not to leave projecting points or plastic residues that could hurt your cat.
  • Put in the box toys, balls, food or biscuits.
  • Closes the box and ensure that it does not open.
  • Have fun watching your cat while he plays or he out with its new interactive toy. He spent hours putting the legs in, through the holes, and listen toys make noise inside the box

Four wooden planks = cat kennel with integrated scraper

cat homeIf you do not have a table that looks like this, or if you do not want to spend money in buying one, simply provide you four wooden boards (coated or not), a dozen nails , hammer, rope, and the preferred cover your cat to this magnificent house. When you have the hardware, here’s how:

  • Tied around a wooden board (or more) of the wire rope until you cover an area of at least 15 centimeters.
  • Nailed wooden boards in each corner. You will get a bottomless cube as pictured.
  • Make the most welcoming niche by bringing within the preferred coverage of your cat.
  • Easy as pie: your cat will be putting on an elegant bed.

Blanket + Basket= drill nest suspended feline

cat-basketThis nest, beautiful and decorative, will be the new passion of your cat, because he can sleep there, sharpening their nails on the side, and climb high. The materials that you have to get you to make this nest are: an old large basket, a small blanket, a drill and nails. Once you have gathered all this material, here’s what you should do:

  • Mark on the wall the points where you hang the basket.
  • With the drill opens the holes where you scored points.
  • Place the basket on the place you have chosen with the lid against the wall.
  • Glue the basket to the wall with nails. Ensure that the basket is fixed well to prevent your cat from falling.
  • Wraps the blanket inside and wait until your cat climbs inside his new bed

wooden plank + rope  = vertical scraper

cat-nails-ropeIt is very easy to do this scraper. You’ll just need a vertical wooden board, three nails and a few meters of rope. Follow these guidelines when you have gathered the materials:

  • You have to plant two nails at the top corners of the board.
  • Attaches to nail a piece of rope which enables you to hang on the wall.
  • Tie the rest of the rope around the board until you cover the majority of the area. Ensure it is firmly glued to wood and closes with a knot at the end.
  • Plant the third nail in the wall and hang the scraper.
  • Your cat no longer hone his claws against the couch with this scraper, rather more decorative.

Now you know how easy and cheap to create a game world and rest for your cat. Just put you to work, and that you show to your cat how much you love her.



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