100% Natural Home-made products

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100% Natural Home-made products


A lot of people prefer the 100% natural products than buying products from stores , But, we can see clearly that the 100% products are more expensive than the normal ones , happily there is some ticks to make those products even free also easy and homemade

After our tips to make your natural mosquito repellent, here are some tips to make your own household products in a 100% natural! To eradicate the negative effects of our household products, considerable savings and care for the planet, there is nothing easier than to ecological and natural household products. With our advices, we are offering you a dishwasher detergent homemade based on usual ecological and natural products as far as vinegar, salt and lemon, soften your laundry with a natural solution or clean any surface with a basic household cleaner peels of citrus! Clever tips for the home, budget prices, that will change your life and will make you a true homemaker!

Do the laundry by the dishwasher with natural products

dishwasher-recipesThe products of dishwasher that we often use are simply polluting and expensive! To avoid that and save your pockets (money) and also participating in saving our beautiful planet, making a natural detergent will be a big step ,

To make it you are going to need :

– a Bottle of lemon juice.
– ¼ kg (0.6 pounds) of salt
– 1/2 liter of water
– 300 ml of white vinegar

Mix it all for a period between 15 and 20 minutes. Then, add to that 3 tablespoons of natural detergent and turn on the dishwasher . And here, you get a stunning result for ultra-clean dishes with not much and for cheap!


A natural fabric softener to make yourself

aWe always hear on TV that softener are too toxics to use especially if we have children, otherwise, natural ones are just too expensive so technically the only solution is to DIY it! To soften your laundry in a beneficial way, make your own softener easily with natural products in minutes.

You will need :

-1/2 of clean water
-300 mL of white vinegar
-2 or 3 Tablespoons of baking soda
-30 Drops of essential oil (you are free to choose the smell and the flavor)

Put the water and vinegar in a bottle of Recycling. Then, add the baking soda. Remember to put a bucket under your bottle because the foam overflows. then, wait a moment so that the solution back down and pour drops of essential oils. There you go ! Shake well before each use and use 4 tablespoons of this mixture per machine. A solution that is good for the wallet and the planet!

A natural deodorizer for toilet

deodorantYou are looking for a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom , cheap and easy to make ,  with a small pot made basically by baking soda that naturally absorb odors by itself ! Using a hammer and a nail, punch holes in the lid of a small jar of canned Recycling.

Fill the pot a quarter of baking soda and add 6-8 drops of essential oil. And here is simple pure say goodbye to odors! Please shake the pot regularly to boost its action. A practical idea to also use in your cabinets or eliminate odors from carpets and fabrics! Just then sprinkle your couch or carpet, let stand for a few minutes, then switch the vacuum cleaner.

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