10 Information About Cat’s Body

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3 September 2016
Informations about cats’ behavior and dealings with humans
24 September 2016

10 Information About Cat’s Body



cats body

If you are reading this , there is 50% chance that you are a Cat person, However you may not know these 10 amazing informations about cat’s Body.

Enjoy : 

#1 : Cats Owns 32 muscle to control the external ear, while the humans owns only 6 muscles.

#2 : Cats can’t taste the sweet taste

#3 : Cats has three eyelids

#4 : Cats possess more than 100 voice sounds, while dogs only own 10.

#5 : The adult Cat don’t produce the lactase, which is the enzyme needed to digest lactose, so; you should not give it milk in big quantities.

#6 : Cats live about 35 years old (average)

#7 : Archaeologists found more than 300,000 mummy for cats in an old cemetery for cats in Egypt.

#8 : cats love to stay clean and it’s the reason why cats often lick their fur to clean it up and to gain Vitamin C.

#9 : Night vision for cats is 6 times better than human vision.

#10 : Cats use friction with us to tell us that they are us and we are them.

If you know an other one not mention in the artical , Please feel free to share with us in comments 


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