9 December 2016
Breeds of Cats

Breeds of Cats Selling Business

When we go to a Pet’s Store, we find there the cutest Breeds of Cats and dogs also puppies , sometimes we fall in love with those gorgeous creatures then we could even buy one of them , But Have you ever ask yourself where do they bring those animals from ? The Sad Truth. Behind those doors, those Breeds of Cats and dogs become just products that they should sell to customers to make money which mean that it is […]
5 December 2016
Cat breeds

The Last day Of Using Cat Breeds for medical training

The hard work and protesting done by animal’s right movements and groups is finally gives us today a result, WU (Washington University) puts an end to using cat breeds for the training of the new doctors. This medical school was the last one known of using animals for training in the US , according to American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS). “As a result of a serious investment and a trusty observation, the WU will supply neonatal intubation training using only medical mannequins […]
5 December 2016

Why Do We Think That Cats Has 9 Lives ?

Cats are the most popular pets in the whole world and it has been with humans since forever. In addition, the history is saying that the Egyptians used to worship cats before the “Islam religion” besides of that the South Africa’s Countries Primitive tribes used to consider Cats as a part of demons and an evil creatures. We learned and heard since we were kids a myth that cats has nine lives or nine souls, which is why cats are also […]
5 December 2016
pet beds

Pet beds

Make awesome pet beds for your lovely pets, the already made pet beds are usually for sales with higher prices or even in a higher prices than our beds , In addition of that, we can clearly see that the designer dog beds doesn’t always match with the one we are looking for, which why the best solution is to make a new pet bed, How about making a unique dog beds without spending a dollar. Enjoy: First of all […]
1 December 2016

A Happy Cat’s Rescue Story : Jasmine

Now for Jasmine, she came to us from a very disruptive home environment we believe her to be about 7-8 years old. There was a large amount of domestic abuse which apparently carried over to Jasmine and her canine sister Roxy.  We are asked to take them as the situation climaxed and the split of the couple was about to leave these two either homeless or in a kennel.  They are now part of our family and will stay that […]
29 November 2016

A Happy Cat’s Rescue Story : Henry

We have had several cats over the years presently we have two, Henry and Jasmine. Henry is a wonder cat; he has used his nine lives well. When Henry was just a couple of weeks old, he was tossed out of a car window with two of his siblings into a ditch across from my brother’s home. His dog Ben was privy to the incident and went into protector of all evil mode and dragged my brother to the scene […]